DMAPA,CAS No.: 109-55-7, Dimetilaminopropilamina

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The product abbreviation (DMAPA) is one of the basic raw materials for the synthesis of various surfactants. It is widely used in the manufacture of cosmetic raw materials such as palmitamide dimethylpropylamine; cocamidopropyl betaine; mink oil amidopropylamine ~ chitosan condensate, etc. It can be used in shampoo, bath spray and other daily chemical products. In addition, DMAPA can also be used to manufacture fabric treatment agents and paper treatment agents. It can also be used as an additive in the electroplating industry. Since DMAPA contains both tertiary amine groups and primary amine groups, it has two functions: epoxy resin curing agent and accelerator, and is mainly used for laminated products and cast products.

Used to produce D213 ion exchange resin, LAB, LAO, CAB, CDS betaine. It is the raw material for amidopropyl tertiary amine betaine (PKO) and cationic polymer flocculants and stabilizers. It can also be used as epoxy resin. Curing agents and catalysts, gasoline additives, antistatic agents, emulsifiers, fabric softeners, electroplating peelable protective coatings, asphalt anti-flaking solvents, etc.

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Dimethylaminopropylamine (DMAPA) is a diamine used in the preparation of some surfactants, such as cocamidopropyl betaine which is an ingredient in many personal care products including soaps, shampoos, and cosmetics. BASF, a major producer, claims that DMAPA-derivatives do not sting the eyes and makes a fine-bubble foam, making it appropriate in shampoo.

DMAPA is commonly produced commercially via the reaction between dimethylamine and acrylonitrile (a Michael reaction) to produce dimethylaminopropionitrile. A subsequent hydrogenation step yields DMAPA.

Product Specification

CAS No.: 109-55-7

ppearance (25℃) Colorless Liquid
Content(wt%) 99.5min
Water(wt%) 0.3max
Color(APHA) 20max

Package Type

(1) 165kg/steel drum,80drums/20’fcl,global approved wooden pallet.

(2) 18000kg/iso.

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