CAS No:68607-20-4; QXME 11;E11; Asphalt Emulsifier, Bitumen Emulsifier

Short Description:

Emulsifier for cationic slow set bitumen emulsions for tack, prime, slurry seal and cold mix applications.Emulsifier for oils and resins used for dust control and rejuvenating. Break retarder for slurry.

Cationic slow set emulsion.

No acid is required to prepare stable emulsions.

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Benefits and features
● Low use level

Good quality slow set emulsions are formed at low use level.
● Safe and easy handling.

QXME 11 does not contain flammable solvents and so it is much safer to use. The low viscosity, low pour point and water solubility of QXME 11 makes it easy and safe to use both as emulsifier and as a break control additive (retarder) for slurry.
● Good adhesion.

Emulsions made with QXME 11 pass the particle charge test and provide good adhesion to siliceous aggregates.
● No need for acid.

No acid is required for soap preparation. The neutral pH of the emulsion is preferred in applications like tack coats for concrete, when emulsifying biobased binders and when water soluble thickeners are incorporated.
Storage and handling.
QXME 11 may be stored in carbon steel tanks.
QXME 11 is compatible with polyethylene and polypropylene. Bulk storage does not need to be heated.
QXME 11 contains quaternary amines and may cause severe irritation or burns to skin and eyes. Protective goggles and gloves must be worn when handling this product.
For further information consult the Safety Data Sheet.


Form liquid
Colour yellow
Odour alcohol-like
Safety data
pH 6-9at 5%  solution
Pour point <-20℃
Boiling point/boiling range No data available
Flash point 18℃
Method  Abel-Pensky DIN 51755
Ignition temperature 460 ℃ 2- Propanol/air
Evaporation rate No data available
Flammability(solid,gas) Not  applicable
Flammability   (liquid) Highly flammable liquid and vapour
Lower explosion limit 2%(V) 2-Propanol/air
Upper explosion limit 13%(V) 2-Propanol/air
Vapour pressure No data available
Relative vapour density No data available
Density 900kg/m3 at 20 ℃

Product Specification

CAS No:68607-20-4

Appearance(25℃) Yellow,liquid
Content (MW=245.5)(%) 48.0-52.0
Free·amine·(MW=195)(%) 2.0 max
Color(Gardner) 8.0 max
PH·Value(5%1:1IPA/water) 6.0-9.0

Package Type

(1) 900kg/IBC,18mt/fcl.

(2) 180kg/steel drum,14.4mt/fcl.

Package Picture


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