CAS No:7173-62-8, QXME 24; Asphalt Emulsifier, Oleyl Diamine

Short Description:

Liquid emulsifier for cationic rapid and medium-setting bitumen emulsions suitable for chipseal and open graded cold mix.

Cationic rapid set emulsion.

Cationic medium set emulsion.

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Product Application

Benefits and features

● Low use level.

0.18-0.25% is normally sufficient for rapid-set emulsions.

● High emulsion viscosity.

Emulsions prepared using QXME 24 have significantly higher viscosities, which allow specifications to be met at the minimum asphalt content.

● Fast breaking.

Emulsions prepared with QXME 24 show fast breaking in the field even at low temperatures.

● Easy handling and storage.

QXME 24 is a liquid, and easily dissolved in warm water during the preparation of emulsion soap phase. The product is suitable for both in-line and batch plants.

Storage and handling.

QXME 24 may be stored in carbon steel tanks.

Bulk storage should be maintained at 15-35°C (59-95°F).

QXME 24 contains amines and is corrosive to skin and eyes. Protective goggles and gloves must be worn when handling this product.

For further information consult the Safety Data Sheet.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Physical state liquid
Color Yellow
Odor Ammoniacal
Molecular weight Not applicable.
Molecular formula Not applicable.
Boiling point >150℃
Melting point  -
Pour point  -
PH Not applicable.
Density 0.85g/cm3
Vapor pressure <0.01kpa @20℃
Evaporation rate  -
Solubility Slightly Soluble In Water
Dispersion properties Not available.
Physical chemical -

No matter what type of surfactant, its molecule is always composed of a non-polar, hydrophobic and lipophilic hydrocarbon chain part and a polar, oleophobic and hydrophilic group. These two parts are often located on the surface. The two ends of the active agent molecule form an asymmetric structure. Therefore, the molecular structure of surfactant is characterized by an amphiphilic molecule that is both lipophilic and hydrophilic, and has the function of connecting the oil and water phases.

When surfactants exceed a certain concentration in water (critical micelle concentration), they can form micelles through the hydrophobic effect. The optimal emulsifier dosage for emulsified asphalt is much greater than the critical micelle concentration.

Product Specification

CAS No: 7173-62-8

Appearance(25℃) yellow to amber liquid
Total amine number (mg ·KOH/g) 220-240

Package Type

(1) 900kg/IBC,18mt/fcl.

(2) 180KG/galvanized iron drum,14.4mt/fcl.

Package Picture


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