QXME 44; Asphalt Emulsifier; Oleyl Diamine Polyxyethylene Ether

Short Description:

Emulsifier for cationic rapid and medium setting bitumen emulsions suitable for chip seal, tack coat and open-graded cold mix. Emulsifier for slurry surfacing and cold mix when used with phosphoric acid.

Cationic rapid set emulsion.

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Benefits and features

● Easy dispersion.

The product is fully liquid, disperses very easily in water and is particularly suitable for in-line plants. Soap concentrates containing up to 20% active material can be prepared.

● Good adhesion.

The product provides emulsions with excellent storage and pumping stability.

● Low emulsion viscosity.

Emulsions produced with QXME 44 have relatively low viscosity, which can be an advantage when dealing with problematic viscosity-building bitumens.

● Phosphoric acid systems.

QXME 44 can be used with phosphoric acid to produce emulsions suitable for micro surfacing or cold mix.

Storage and handling.

QXME 44 may be stored in carbon steel tanks.

Bulk storage should be maintained at 15-30°C (59-86°F).

QXME 44 contains amines and may cause severe irritation or burns to skin and eyes. Protective goggles and gloves must be worn when handling this product.

For further information consult the Safety Data Sheet.


Physical state Liquid
Color Bronzing
Odor Ammoniacal
Molecular weight Not applicable.
Molecular formula Not applicable.
Boiling point >100℃
Melting point 5℃
Pour point -
PH Not applicable.
Density 0.93g/cm3
Vapor pressure <0.1kpa(<0.1mmHg)(at20 ℃)
Evaporation rate Not applicable.
Solubility -
Dispersion properties Not available.
Physical chemical 450 mPa.s at 20 ℃
Comments -

Product Specification

CAS No:68607-29-4

Total Amine Value(mg/g) 234-244
Tertiary Amine Value(mg/g) 215-225
Purity(%) >97
Color(Gardner) <15
Moisture(%) <0.5

Package Type

(1) 900kg/IBC,18mt/fcl.

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